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KINETO CONSULTS LIMITED, contracts consultants for a wide range of services. We select our consultants based upon need for a particular project. All projects are evaluated at their inception as to the range of consultants needed for that particular project. Some of the various consultants are listed below:

  • Landscape Architects

    Landscape Architects

  • Acoustical Engineers

    Acoustical Engineers

  • Urban Planners

    Urban Planners

Who We Are

KINETO CONSULTS LIMITED provides a wide range of project management, planning, architectural design & professional services. 

KINETO CONSULTS LIMITED is a collaboration of talented architects, designers and professionals in Building industry. 

The firm started in 2009, Our practice works with our clientele to ask and answer questions, in levels of scales and detail. We seek the ethical place between success and consequence, as we are fully aware that everything we do has far-reaching implications, well beyond building. We treat every project as a potential benefactor to a sustainable environment, local economies, and our own community. Initially, clients contact us to bring beauty into the spaces they inhabit.

Kineto Consult LTD

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