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KINETO CONSULTS LIMITED, contracts consultants for a wide range of services. We select our consultants based upon need for a particular project. All projects are evaluated at their inception as to the range of consultants needed for that particular project. 

Some of the various consultants are listed below: 

  • Structural Engineers 
  • Landscape Architects 
  • Acoustical Engineers 
  • Construction Estimators
  • Urban Planners 
  • Electrical Engineers 
  • Soils Engineers 
  • Kitchen Consultants 
  • Lighting Designers 
  • Environmental Professionals 
  • Mechanical Engineers 
  • Civil Engineers 
  • Roofing Consultants 
  • Graphic Designers 

KINETO CONSULTS LIMITED is determined to keep the interest of our clients as the top priority of our business by preserving value at all stages of our work processes.

Our organization understands the constraints that surround our clients and our work processes and thus we initiate measures to check the encumbrances of affordability, availability and time. 

KINETO takes into cognizance the business identity of our clients with keen respect to their types of activities and operations, colour codes and schemes and thus, we do what is necessary to provide services that fit into and enhances these operations and identities. 

Private organizations of various business types 

Government agencies 

Educational institutions 


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